jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012


Jeremy Lin made the difference.
Everyone can have their 15 minutes of glory. But that does not (usually) last.
It is no easy job to cause an impression for more than one week in NYC.
He has made people that barely know what is basketball follow his games.
Got the light spot on all sport media, and non-sport media
It is the simple things he has and shows which combined are a powerful weapon:

His story is the American dream, and a model to raise your children...
Study first, then playHe went to Harvard, got his degree while playing in the university basketball team and is the first NBA player with a university degree (Ivy league, by the way). 
Have strong beliefs, and be humble
Just listen to him in any interview after a game... 
Alway mentions his teammates and thanks God to be in the spot he is
Do not set limits on what you can achieve
First chinese american to play in the NBA
Broken records in most points in 3,4 and 5 games as a starter in the NBA since merging with ABA
Work steadily, get READY and be patient for your moment
He was refused by Stanford when he was looking for a university to study
He was "not wanted by the NBA": waived by Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets
Sent by the Knicks to the D-league
Baron Davis (Knicks' point guard star) injured and not coming back from injure...
Iman Shumpert (Draft promise) also injured
Set to be backup (3rd backup) for Toney Douglas and Mike Bibby as a Knicks' pointguard
 So, he was the 5th pointguard of the Knicks
But his opportunity came, he used it and he succeed BECAUSE he was READY

Work ethics

If you think that any of this is coincidence, I think you are wrong...
Success is often a mixture of Talent, Work and luck

Today, Madison Square Garden is going to live the Linsanity

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